About Us

Blue Diving & Salvage, LLC is a veteran-owned, SAMS Registered small business based in Mobile, Al.  The company's mission is to provide inland/onshore commercial diving services along the Gulf Coast with safety, integrity, and professionalism in mind.  We provide diving and salvage services for the marine transportation industry, marine construction industry, oil & gas, power plants, etc  in the rivers, bays, and coastal waters of Alabama, Northwest Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana. We are also ready to assist in marine construction, civil works, or any other project in need of sub-sea work solutions.  Our company is also the TowboatU.S.  towing service for Mobile, Alabama and has the equipment and personnel for many other marine transportation solutions.

The company was started by Don Coleman III (CEO /Managing Partner) and his father Don Coleman Jr. (CFO /Partner).  Together they have created the infrastructure that supports all diving and vessel operations.

The pride of the Blue Diving & Salvage team are the Supervisors, Divers, Tenders, Captains, Deckhands and support personnel that accomplish the missin day after day with honor and integrity.  These personnel are the driving force behind the quality and performance of the company.


Blue Diving & Salvage, LLC
Mobile, Alabama